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Jawaban Software Engineer Revou 100% Lulus


Webkuliah.comJawaban Software Engineer Revou 100% Lulus – Software engineer membahas bagaimana membuat aplikasi dan database dengan program. Tentunya yang digunakan adalah bahasa pemrograman. Revou merupakan lembaga yang memberikan pelatihan software engineer dengan mini course dan full program. Jika kamu ingin mendapatkan sertifikat dari revou, maka kamu harus lulus tes mini coursenya. Berikut adalah jawaban mini course software engineer revou dijamin lulus 100%.

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A. Course Logical

Part I : logical

1. Your phone bill is $42. It increases by 10% after 12 months, and a further 20% increase is applied six months later. What’s the price of your phone bill after 18 months?
A. $52.2
B. $55.44
C. $45.5
D. $47
E. $49.3

2. A company’s website receives 1000 visitors per day. If the company’s conversion rate is 2%, how many customers does the company have per day?
A. 2
B. 20
C. 200
D. 2000
E. 20000

3. A software development team is working on a project that will take 200 hours to complete. If there are 4 team members working on the project, how many hours will each person work per week if the project has to be completed in 10 weeks?
A. 30 hours per week per person
B. 40 hours per week per person
C. 50 hours per week per person
D. 60 hours per week per person
E. 70 hours per week per person

4. A Flume, a Rouser and a Lior car are driven around a test track for 450 miles. How much CO2, to the nearest kg, is emitted by the three cars? (1.61 km = 1 mile)
A. 200 kg
B. 201 kg
C. 202 kg
D. 203 kg
E. 204 kg

5. For which car is it most expensive to finance via a monthly payment plan versus purchasing outright?
Use this table to answer the questions above

A. Flume
B. Rouser
C. Lior
D. Itro
E. Gaz

6. Apartments in Tangerang cost less than apartments in Jakarta.
Apartments in Bandung cost more than apartments in Jakarta.
Of the three apartment areas, apartments in Bandung cost the most.
If the first two statements are true, the third statement is…
A. True
B. False
C. Uncertain

7. At RevoU, you can see that 60% of the employees are males, 80% of the employees are sincere and 40% of the employees are from Jabodetabek.
A. 24% of female employess are from Jabodetabek
B. 80% male employees are sincere
C. 20% of female employees are not sincere
D. 36% male employes are from outside Jabodetabek
E. None of these

8. In a company, three-fourth of the employees learn marketing, one-half learn sales, one-fourth of those who learn sales do not learn marketing.
A. Two-third of the employees learn only marketing
B. One-fourth of the employees learn neither sales nor marketing
C. One-third of the employees learn nether sales nor marketing
D. One-eighth of the employees learn neither sales nor marketing
E. Two-fifth of the employees learn only marketing

9. I. There have been rising instances of plagiarism from the internet in newer research papers submitted to universities.
II. The university has decided to invest in anti-plagiarism software
Select one answer from the following.
(assuming the machine lasts for 3 years and they use all machine capacity)
A. Statement 1 is the cause, statement 2 is the effect
B. Statement 2 is the cause and statement 1 is its effect
C. Both statements 1 and 2 are independent causes
D. Both statements 1 and 2 are effects of independent causes.
E. None of the above

10. If the number of students passing an examination is considered a criterion for comparison of the difficulty level of two examinations, which of the following statements is true in this context?

A. Annual examinations were more difficult.
B. Half yearly examinations were more difficult.
C. Both the examinations had almost the same difficulty level.
D. The two examinations cannot be compared for difficulty level.
E. None of these are true


B. Basic Coding

Part II : Basic Coding

1. What is the purpose of a CSS class in web development?
A. To apply styles to specific elements on a page
B. To structure the content of a page
C. To manipulate the behavior of a page
D. To build interactive user interfaces
E. None of the above

2. What is a server-side language used for building dynamic web applications?
D. C++
E. None of the above

3. What is an algorithm in software engineering?
A. A sequence of steps for solving a specific problem
B. A type of data structure
C. A programming language
D. A function in a program
E. A named storage location for storing data values

4. What is a variable in programming?
A. A named storage location for storing data values
B. A function in a program
C. A type of data structure
D. A sequence of steps for solving a specific problem
E. None of the above

5. What is an object-oriented programming language?
A. A programming language that uses objects and classes to organize code
B. A programming language that only uses functions
C. A programming language that only uses variables
D. A programming language that only uses logic to organize code
E. A programming language that uses scripts to organize code

6. What will be the output of the following code snippet in JavaScript?
var x = 10;
var y = 20;
console.log(x + y);
A. 30
B. 1020
C. 10 + 20
D. 200
E. 2020

7. What will be the value of “result” after the following code snippet is executed in JavaScript?
var num1 = 5;
var num2 = 10;
var result = num1 > num2;
A. True
B. False
C. 5
D. Error
E. Not Found

8. Observe the following pseudocode:
j := 2;
for i := 0 to 10 do begin
if j > 0 then writeln(‘ok’);
j := 5 – (j*2); end;
How many ‘ok’s will be printed?
A. 7
B. 3
C. 5
D. 10
E. 13

9. To change the background color of an element, what’s the correct selector and property to be used in plain CSS?
A. header { background-color: yellow; }
B. div { color-background: red; }
C. paragraph { background: “green”; }
D. .hero { backgroundColor: blue; }
E. #intro { bg: purple; }

10. To print a simple string, what’s the correct and usual way to do it in vanilla JavaScript?
A. log(“Hello world”);
B. console.log(Hello world);
C. print.log(“Hello world”);
D. console.log(“Hello world”);
E. print(Hello world);


Soal tersebut sudah di tes dan hasilnya LULUS. Jadi buat kamu yang juga ingin LULUS (rugi sekali jika TIDAK LULUS padahal sudah mengikuti pelatihannya selama 5 hari dan kuota internet sudah habis banyak) bisa saya bantu.

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* Jika produk tidak tampil di shopee coba hapus history shopee atau tes pakai hp/laptop lain. Atau ditunggu dulu beberapa jam karena terkadang produk saya edit,  jadi perlu waktu max 24 jam untuk diperiksa admin shopee untuk bisa tampil lagi produknya.

*** Berdasarkan ketentuan dari RevoU, buat teman-teman jangan lupa ikuti terus pelatihannya dan absen, karena absen mempengaruhi juga.


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